Way to connect with a saint in Jeeva samadhi

1. First you should have purified heart
2. You should burn the mind of all its impurities by tapas
3. You should silence your mind
4. You should be absolutely aware of what is going on in your mind
5. All your body, mind, senses, pores of your skin should be fine tuned to receive whatever emits from the js of the saint.
6. First you will receive fragrance of the saint
7. You will absorb all the fragrance of the flowers on the deity
8. You will receive the fragrance of vibhuti from the saint.
9. You will receive the prana shakthi which you have to share it in all your chakras.
10. When you are so openly available and in a total surrender your mind will start reading whatever signals emits out from the Jeeva Samadhi of the saint.
11. At this juncture, you can start asking your questions. The answers for your questions will reach you the moment you asked your questions without time gap and without your thinking
12. And you will know for sure this is how things are going to unfold.

PS: I use to ask yes or no, in a piece of two papers with yes and no written on it. We fold it in to two small rolls and put it on the shiva lingam of the saint’s js. We pray for two minutes and then we proceed to take one paper from the shiva lingam. suppose if I go to take the paper roll, when I look at it, I invariably know which one is yes and which one is no. So, I always take the yes correctly. Sometimes, the paper will start sending signals to me to take it and I respond to it.

Whatever we do, we should do it with the blessings of the saint at the Jeeva Samadhi. Then he will take care of everything and everything will happen smoothly.

– Guruji Sundar