Description of Jeeva Anga Samadhi

In India we call a person a saint who has realised his true values (or) his real “I” or “Aathman”. These saints after realising their self nature keeps submerged in their “Aathman” for many years.When they become so immersed in their “Aathman”, there comes a moment when their real self expands from their body to the whole universe,after remaining in this state for few years when they become ripe with their experience, they decide at some point to attain Jeeva Samadhi.

It means at particular point of time, day,they sit in their meditation, enter in to their Samadhi state.
At that point the body comes to absolute rest.It serves its functions.
People construct temple around the body of the saint.The body of the saint will remain undeteriorated for thousands of years.

– Written by our Esteemed “Guruji Sundar” during 1998

Live example of Jeeva Anga Samadhi where the body is un-deteriorated is the Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Ramanuja at Srirangam, Tamilnadu where a devotee is allowed to have darshan of the physical body of the saint even today. The nail and hair which are growing are also shown by the priests during Aarathi.


Jeeva Samadhi – Our Guruji’s Experience

Visiting Jeeva Samadhi is not like visiting temples where you offer your prayer and puja to the deity. Here in Jeeva samadhi it is not a temple. It is a very holy and divine sanctum sanctorum where the saint consciously inverted all his senses, feelings and being in to a submerged state where only the awareness will be so total that it will reflect only the ‘I’ ness remains. This flame of consciousness will guide all the seekers in to their reality in the long course of time. Jeeva Samadhi are the holy places where we can go in to the past and know all the spiritual secrets of the past and the saint’s vision of human evolution in consciousnes. Many a time meditating at the Jeeva Samadhi shrine will open many doors in our consciousness. These subtle doors can’t be opened even with our life long sadhana of Tapas. I have learned many secrets of naga lokam, deva lokam and floating angels in space just by meditating at the Jeeva Samadhis of great saints. I have contacted many saints in their Jeeva Samadhis they have shared so much of knowledge in the way of non-verbal communication. Where ever I have so far learned does not belong to me. It is the knowledge shared from so many saints in their Jeeva Samadhis.

Jeeva Samadhi – Highlights of Guruji’s Experience with Saints

Ekangi Swamigal

The saint has travelled in the path of Bhakthi yogam. His eyes are very intense with the devotion on vaishnavisam. The saint’s sandals were kept on the samadhi peetam, when I touched it and closed my eyes, these verses came in to my mind.
“இக பர சுகத்தின் இகர லாபம் இது.”

Dadu Swamigal Home

This place is reeking with the perfume of ancient time. Definitely the space inside the temple is not the usual one we witness in temples. If we meditate there we will be transported in to another dimension of space.

Kollapuri Swamigal

When you go and touch the shivalingam and close your eyes suddenly very pitch darkness will descend on you, and you will become like an empty shell, your usual ‘I’ will get vanished in no time and only the empty space will be there.

Thadikara Swamigal

You can easily enter the samadhi peetam and you can sit very close to the shiva lingam and meditate there. Our Thadikara Swamigal will simply shower so much energy on you in no time, that your feeling of wellness will increase multifold. I have seen the visions of Thadikara swamigal many times, and once he has taken me in to Sri Vaikuntam.

Upanishad Brahmendral Madam

It is situated in Kanchipuram near to Kailasanathar temple. Recently I went there with my close disciples. This place is very calm and serene with divine energy. We meditated there for more than half an hour, and we were literally escaped from the clutches of mind, body and time. We witnessed some divine happening which cannot be put in to words, the day we visited the madam was the auspicious day of Siddhi date of Sri Nanganallur Swamigal date – 26-Apr-2014 – Sunday.

Impact on a meditative person on visiting a Jeeva Samadhi

If a meditative person visits the Jeeva Samadhi of the saints, and starts meditating then if he is really open enough in his being, then he can feel the divine energy emanating from the jeeva Samadhi of the saint. This divine energy slowly engulfs him from outside and then slowly it will enter in to his physical body and this energy will be stored in the chakra in which he practices meditation. When the meditator goes back to his home, he can feel the divine energy stored in his body, but this energy will be dissipated when he moves with other family members and their bodies will suck this energy without his knowing.

Points to be aware before Entering Jeeva Samadhi

A person when he enters in to the Jeeva Samadhi should first see the shiva linga and he should offer his prayers with his attention in ajna chakra. The person should bring a packet of good agarbathi and flowers to Jeeva Samadhi, first should light the packet of agarbathi and hold it in the hands and pray to the saint. Soon fragrance of the agarbathi lingers the sanctum santorum. Then one should put the flowers or the mala on top of the shiva lingam. If pujari is there, then he should ask the pujari to do this. After that, he should find a calm place to sit, where he cannot be a disturbance to anyone. Then he can start his meditation. Before starting meditation, one should close his eyes and get his body and mind get accustomed to this divine place which means he should be ready and open enough to receive the divine energy from the Jeeva Samadhi. Now, he can slowly start his meditation in the chakra. The energy will accumulate in his chakra and he will feel a tightness and heaviness in the chakra.

Importance of Jeeva Samadhi

In the whole of India so many saints in jeeva samadhis are present. These saints enter live in to the samadhi state. The physical body of the saint remains alive even after 1000s of years. So when a seeker of truth visits the jeeva samadhis he gets the blessings of the saints and also he is put in to the right track of enlightenment by the saints. These jeeva samadhis are nothing but energy fields. So when a seeker of truth enters the temple the excess energy gets into his chakras which in turn takes him to a higher level of consciousness. In India it is an age-old custom that when a person starts his inner journey first he has to visit all the living saints and the samadhis of all the saints and all the holy temples. In India there is a saying that when a person receives the glance of the saints all his sins will get burnt and his heart will get pure. Then he can have a glimpse of his inner soul (aathman). But mere visiting will not help. Only when you approach the Jeeva Samadhi with purest affection and awe for the saint in your heart, then only many things start happening inside your body.